SEO Helps People Find Your Business Website

Nothing is more critical to the success of your online presence that quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It is vital in allowing for the highest level of visibility for you website, and in turn, your company.  It is an investment in your company.  Ask yourself this: Which is most costly? The price of SEO, or the price of not having your website found on the web? SEO is no longer a one-time fix, it is a serious, on-going business that requires constant management as the factors that determine good SEO are highly dynamic and continually change.  The top spot on Google gets approximately 35% of all click, the number two spots gets about 12%, and number 3 gets about 10%.

But many companies mistakenly think that Google is the only priority.  And yes, we do everything we can to cater your website in a fashion that Google will rank highly – content being one of those key factors.  But did you know that Google only represents about 30% of the total SEO market.  With the various other search portals like Yahoo, White Pages, Yelp,, AOL, Superpages, Yellowbook, Yellowpages, Merchant Circle,, and so on, trying to do it yourself takes away from the time you need to be spending working on your business, building relationships, and taking care of your customers.

However, SEO does not exist within a vacuum.  SEO used to be simple.  Some keywords and meta tags, and a business was on the right track to a good web presence.  However, the climate has changed and tightly interwoven into the SEO mix are social media and branding as well as the proper integration of website structure, URL syntax, and design.  Although very important, It is no longer just the quality content on your website.  It is much more than just code, and the promise of a SEO friendly  CMS (content management system).  The many different social media sites, and blogs can have a tremendous impact in allowing for a much higher page rank within the various search engines.   There are over 100 ranking factors for SEO, and various algorithms that are in a contact state of change.  We stay up to date with those changes, and how they affect your SEO, so you don’t have to.